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13th May 2010

lbdfashion9:05pm: Little Black Dress: New Fashion Blog.
Little Black Dress is a style blog all about creating runway-created looks with clothes you probably already have in your own closet.  With every outfit posted on here, there will be easy tips for putting together ensembles that flatter you, don't look cheap (even if they are, shh!) and can be passed along to anyone else looking for a little style inspiration.

And for fun, we'll throw in pictures from photo shoots (first up: a Mad Men-inspired shoot) that we create, makeup tips, and street style, as well as runway, inspiration.  And we want your feedback!  So send us pictures of your own outfits.  Why not?  As we gain readers, you could get a lot of positive attention for your own stylish creation.

We're so happy to be starting this blog, so stay tuned!

Sincerely, Aubrey and Mary
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26th January 2010

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9th February 2009

clubmix19961:42pm: Beauty Q's for the gals (and gals at heart!)
Lately after touching up a set a pictures that I took in October I realized my skin is aging hard and fast (probably due to alcohol abuse) and I decided to make some changes from my usual wash with water only and moisturize, make-up and never washing it off at night routine.

Let it be known that my beauty routine is now as follows:

1. Exfoliate with a facial scrub
2. Tone with witch hazel
3. Rub in StriVectin-SD thoroughly (This is new! I just bought this nearly $200 wrinkle cream last week!) I let this settle in
4. Apply vitamin E oil under eyes, lips, forehead, and smile lines first then rub in all over. Let sink in.
5. Apply moisturizer in the form of jergens natural glow firming formula and let sink in.
6. I apply a very heavy off brand facial moisturizer that is supposedly brightening with the help of pearl extract under my eyes liberally. Like you can still see it and I let is sink in all the way.

This stuff has horse fat in it. I have no idea where it came from because I found it at my grandma’s house but it tends to work. After I am out of it I plan on buying an actual under eye cream for really horrible circles. Suggestions on what to buy?

7. Apply Revlon Age Defying foundation primer and let dry.
8. Apply Olay Definity Color Recapture. This is a spf 15 anti aging moisturizer with a very sheer and illuminating coverage. I add a bit more under my eyes and let sink in and “dry”.
9. Cover under eye circles with this stuff:
This is supposed to lessen the circles under your eyes over time and I swore I noticed a slight difference at first but not really at this point.
10. If I am doing photos or an event I use Bare Minerals foundation if not I simply put my blush and eye stuff on and dust with a light powder. I have been using the new bare minerals feather light mineral veil but I am not exactly the most happy with it.

My questions are as follows:

1. Is it BAD to exfoliate daily? I like to because I think it keeps dead cells from building up and weathering fine lines into my face and keeps my face fresh and clean so it absorbs my moisturizers, creams and serums better.

2. I have been using the feather light mineral veil but it’s so SHINY. I bought it because I read that illuminating products diffuse light and make your face look less aged but this is so shiny that to me it looks like it highlights any sinking or lines in my face. I think it would be better used as a highlighter in specific areas after powdering all over.

What is a good loose powder that isn’t really heavy and too chalky or matte but also that’s not TOO shiny or illuminating. Something that has a natural skin like finish? I would prefer drugstore brands so I can get it sooner than later but more expensive recommendations are welcome as well.

3. I recently bought StriVectin which was originally developed as a stretch mark cream. Do you think this would work on scars? Do you have any other suggestions on what to use on scars that really works? Price is not an issue with this as I would try anything to get rid of these cutting marks I have.

4. Is Strive tin a long term wrinkle cure or is It something that only works while it’s on so I would need to buy it pretty much forever? I will say this shit is AMAZING and I have only used it maybe 5 times and I have noticed a HUGE difference already.

Thanks for all of your help and suggestions in advance!

3rd July 2008

damnmynick2:05am: Are you Hot or Not?

21st May 2008

ariawannbe6:45am: a ton of hair, makeup and fashion ideas!
a lot of pics so beware!gwenCollapse ) moreCollapse ) moreCollapse )

16th May 2008

paloma_n_regina6:31pm: Cheap Makeup - Mark AND Avon!

Who's involved:

Reese Witherspoon
Jordin Sparks
Derek Jeter
and more!

The makeup is GREAT. There is MORE than makeup! The prices are fantastic, you cannot argue!

go to that website and you have more of a selection than just the MARK items ;)

1st May 2008

iwishiwasfierce3:52pm: I need ideas!
Hi, I kinda need ideas fast because I have a hair appointment tomorrow. I need color/cut ideas, and I can't get extensions (I would love to, but my mom won't let me). Make up ideas would be lovely as well because I have no idea what would look good (I'm new to this). Please and thanks in advanced!

In the past, I've dyed my hair purple, green, red, burgundy, etc.. Now it's faded from when I dyed the front red (manic panic, red passion) and I'm totally not trying to go shorter because I have a big fat head and it's not too flattering. I'm not allowed to go crazy with colors at the moment. :/

My hair is PIN STRAIGHT and it won't hold a curl (nor do I have any patience to curl my hair on a daily basis).

I've provided pictures...

These are pictures with my hair up...

How I usually wear my hair... sorry, i look really dumb, I know.

I'd really appreciate any ideas/thoughts/etc. THANKYOU!

30th April 2008

ariawannbe9:33am: Hello, I'm Traci. This is my first post here. I am sort of addicted to make-up. I was looking to discuss make-up tips.HereCollapse ) is my make-up style.

1st April 2008

clubmix19961:47am: what's an awesome under eye circle creme? For lines and bags under the eye? Not a creme? Then what do you suggest?

13th January 2008

yazmeen12:06pm: PRIMERS!!
 Hello Community, I have a few related questions.

I have been pondering getting a foundation primer and I was wondering for those of you who wear them... Do you notice a big difference? Is there a way you can post a picture with and without primer?

In high school I had pretty bad acne and  had the horrible habit of picking, which resulted in little dots on my cheek... Would the primer fill those dots?

Also, what kind of eyeshadow primer do any of you recommend? My eyelids get a bit creased after a few hours and I was wondering what primer would keep that from happening.

Thanks in advance.
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4th January 2008

kittiekitkat7:28pm: new and need help
Hi i'm new i just joined about 20 mins ago. Ok So i need some help.

The last time i cut my hair was valentines day last year and i also got some highlights and spent alot of money when i had it done. Well my husband loved my hair but he was ticked off about how much i spent. So i'll probably have to go somewhere were i won't spend over 40 dollars..

Well anyways I want to get my hair cut again , i don't want any coloring done. I'm thinking of getting my hair cut the same way i had it cut before or something different. This is were you guys come in. I need help deciding what would be good for my face shape and would make me look amazing.

So could you guys help me?

pics behind the cutCollapse )
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10th December 2007

drinkingastout12:56pm: www.TA77.net Haircut Modeling Opportunities

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23rd November 2002

_ladyatropos_8:42pm: Tis the season to spread some love. Please think beyond your human companions to your animal ones too...

Here is a list of make-up companies that don't test on animals, and will leave you and them feeling fabulous :) . If you want to check out the impact humans are having upon this earth check out http://www.poodwaddle.com/worldclock.swf

Amazing Cosmetics
Avalon Natural Products
Bath & Body Works
Bobbi Brown
The Body Shop
Bonne Bell
Carma Laboratories
Clarins of Paris
Clinique Laboratories
Crabtree & Evelyn Cosmetics
Crazy Rumors
Donna Karan Beauty Company
Duprey Cosmetics
Earth 2 Jane
E.L.F. Cosmetics
Estée Lauder
Freeman Cosmetics
Garden Botanika
Hard Candy
Hello Kitty
Jane Cosmetics
Jason Natural Cosmetics
Juice Beauty, Inc.
Kate Spade Beauty
Lady Mitchum
La Mer
Lander Company
Liz Claiborne Cosmetics
M.A.C. Cosmetics
Manic Panic
Mary Kay
Merle Norman
OPI Products
Physicians Formula
Powerpuff Girls
Prestige Cosmetics
Purity Cosmetics
Queen Helene
Smashbox Cosmetics
Smith & Vandiver
Stila Cosmetics
Strawberry Shortcake
Tom’s of Maine
Too Faced Cosmetics
Townley Cosmetics
Ultima II
Urban Decay
Victoria’s Secret
wet n wild

19th September 2007

mandogg1:10am: hair advice

hey guys! I got a hair cut and it's horrible. now I have the urge to dye my hair bleach blonde. can you tell me how to do it, being I have really dark hair, and if it would look decent at all? thanks!


this is when my hair was nice and long and beautiful...damned butchers :(

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2nd September 2007

mcspankster11:47am: need new hair..

So I'm 18 and I've had about the same hair style for oh... all my life. I really need some new ideas... I need a cut and a dye, so any color/ cut help would be really appreciatd :)
my favorite is the last picture.. but i've been told short hair looks bad.. i've always wanted to do a shag cut...

29th August 2007

celticdaisy8:44pm: I've had the same basic haircut for the last 8 or so years. I love that I'm finally getting some length back, so I don't want to cut it, but I need to do something different with it. I have really fine, straight hair, and I don't have very much of it. Volumizers don't work for me, they usually end up weighing my hair down more. I guess at this point I'd like to try bangs again, but I need some idea's first.

Sometimes I still really love my hair style, but at 22, I feel it's looking a little juvenile.

Hair Hair - some recent photo's to give you an ideaCollapse )

26th August 2007

damnmynick6:58pm: Desperately needing a haircut!
Hi, I'm new to this community and I must say I found it very interesting!
Well, my problem is that I've done lots of things with my hair before, but after a really bad cut I'm kind of scared of cutting it again.
I'm a brunette, with brown eyes and tan very easily, although in the winter I get a 'yellowish' tone.
My hair is pretty long now and I would like to keep it with that length, although I don't mind doing crazy layers or something, I just want something that wouldn't make me spend lots of time in the morning. My hair is not straight nor wavy, it's somewhere in between, it tends to wave a bit in the ends :P

What should I do with my hair? Feel free to send me pics as an example so I can show them to the hairdresser if I like it :)

25th August 2007

lostearring9:03am: Hey, I just joined this community because it seemed perfect for my question. :D

So anyway, it's my senior year and I'm really tired of long, boring layers and the like. I really want something different, I can't tell you when I've had something new..

so this is what i look like generally: (click.)

sorry, it's the only picture i really have online, haha. anyway, I was leaning toward bangs and maybe shoulder length hair, what do you think? and if you do suggest bangs, what kind? my head shape is round.. aka circular and weird. i don't know; any tips/pictures/etc would be really appreciated, i'm so tired of my hair.

and for kicks i'll tell you that my hair is relatively healthy and of average thickness. not thick, not thin, just between the two. it's also pin-point straight.

21st August 2007

ienne70711:32pm: Newbie with major hair dilemmas.

My hair is a mess. The ends are all dried, fly aways all over. I got it layered some months ago but I had to keep it ponytailed cause I didnt have much time to really fix it everyday. So the ends of the upper layers got wavy and now even if I wanted to let my hair down, I cant coz it looks real bad. I dont wanna wear a ponytail forever! help me!

This is me.. a few minutes ago. The wavy upper layers dont really show but they are there. LOL. 

I want a new haircut, something modern, edgy but can be easily managed. 

Thanks in advance!


18th August 2007

s4r4hxd2:14pm: Hair + Layers?


I’m dying to have a makeover, so I thought I’d start out with my hair.

I was thinking of getting layers, but I’m afraid that if it’s bad, I’ll have to wait out super long for it to grow out. So I was wondering if you guys could give me ideas on how to cut my hair?  

Ahh, thanks so much., you guys rock!

(here are bunch of pics, ahh ignore the whole cam whore poses and ugliness)

28th March 2007

simply_hope8:10am: A little bit of everything
I need help with a little bit of everything (haha) I'm so tired of the same ol' make up & the same hair.
I used to dye my hair quite frequently and when I was in high school I bleached it a lot (so I could dye it pink, purple, blue and a bizillion other colors) but I havent dyed my hair in 6 months. I have however trimmed in within the past 3 months. I have some bangs but they are growing out, I usually wear them to the side but they are getting a little too long now....but I don't know what I want to do with the color & style of my hair so I just continue to let it grow. Eventually I need to do something and I was hoping I could get some suggestions from you ladies ♥ so I can go get it done this week! (ps, my hair is curly & naturally reddish blondish brownish haha i know that makes little sense....) I prefer hair color that helps brings out my red

*also if you have any pictures of girls with similar hair with awesome coloring please post them! :)

here is the classic picture timeline...Collapse )

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12th March 2007

kahrazy11:01pm: Hi! I'm new...
My name is Brody, and I am a student at the University of Delaware. In case you couldn't tell, I am in desperate need of a hair cut, and wanted some advice before I go. This is me as of tonight:

So anyway, suggestions on the hair? I am totally open to anything, really. Thanks guys!
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