Lindsay (iwishiwasfierce) wrote in makeovergirls,

I need ideas!

Hi, I kinda need ideas fast because I have a hair appointment tomorrow. I need color/cut ideas, and I can't get extensions (I would love to, but my mom won't let me). Make up ideas would be lovely as well because I have no idea what would look good (I'm new to this). Please and thanks in advanced!

In the past, I've dyed my hair purple, green, red, burgundy, etc.. Now it's faded from when I dyed the front red (manic panic, red passion) and I'm totally not trying to go shorter because I have a big fat head and it's not too flattering. I'm not allowed to go crazy with colors at the moment. :/

My hair is PIN STRAIGHT and it won't hold a curl (nor do I have any patience to curl my hair on a daily basis).

I've provided pictures...

These are pictures with my hair up...

How I usually wear my hair... sorry, i look really dumb, I know.

I'd really appreciate any ideas/thoughts/etc. THANKYOU!
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